Matchday 36 Picks and Results

Going to be minimal reporting on this week of picks as I spend some time catching up. Here are the picks:

There are lots of make up games in there and it seems that these make-up games have allowed a big move at the top of the table.

The following weeks are not in the books. Looks like back at the end of the first half of the year AM sat prettily on top with ME way at the bottom. That was surely a sign of good things to come. Except it wasn’t.

Another good week for AB but what an odd week where BB and BE were in the top half!

A big week for JE with another few points nudging him to yet another title.

Running out of time for a come-back…. a disappointing week for JE and JCE but the lead is intact. AM really failing to take advantage of the opening and poor old LJ dropping down the table.

And here are the points scored in total for the impacted weeks.

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