Matchday 2 – September 19, 2020

Seems like last season only just finished and that I’m already behind. I’ll promise to catch up this week and at least get the scoring up to date

Your Comments

KMFE: “Still completely random… Sure we’ll see patterns soon…”
Like Fulham and Brighton losing, Liverpool and Citeh winning… and Mourinho blaming everyone else…

JE: “Big upset this week will be wolves beating shitty. Although I have gone against everything I have written and changed chelski v scousers from A Desmond to a 2-1 victory”
You are trying, right?


LS: Diogo who?
Everyone will be saying that this time next year

AM: “Having suffered a boastful claim by ME, I am hoping lady luck is going to shine this side the English/Welsh border this season – namely on me and not ME. (Fearful of Man United’s miserable transfer window activity, my 2-0 prediction was done with fingers crossed! Not happy!).  Good afternoon campers – keep smiling :-)”

What is this boastful claim? I like the prediction and more transfer news for United below.

ME: Lots of predictions….
Surprised to see you picked Spuds for the win !

Saturday, September 19, 2020

West Ham United

Auba has committed to Arsenal and as a fan of Watford I can tell you that’s important. It speaks to a belief in what Arteta has brought to the club and a sign that Arsenal should get rid of David Luiz. As for the Hammers?

Favourite to Go?

Aston Villa
Sheffield United

Aston Villa should have done better last year. Sheffield United should have done worse.
The scales are balanced.


It’s going to be tough for Liverpool to replicate last year. That is, a dominant season, followed with a few disappointed losses and acceptance that they won the league with a asterisk. I expect them to struggle when African Nations starts (assuming it does) and they lose their forward line.

Chelsea are good and Fat Frank will sort them out. I don’t know much about Alcantara but he has to be better than Wijnaldum. It’s scary that Liverpool can be better.

Chelsea made a lot of signings but it seems most of them are hurt and The American is out too. Maybe I’m overly optimistic about a team I hate beating a team I hate.

West Bromwich Albion

I love the Baggies. I love the boing boings but I see them going down one (goals), getting upset and then the going down one (players), and fouling their way to a close 1-0 before a last minute penalty gives the team I hate most another goal.

Leeds United

Two newly promoted teams. Everyone jump on the bandwagon because Leeds knocked three past Liverpool! I’m not going that far, I just think Fulham will be really bad.

Leicester City

This is the year that Sean Dyche leaves. I don’t think he’ll be sacked but I think he will walk. Leicester are going to push for a solid top 5 again.

Manchester United
Crystal Palace

Woy got his winning start but he isn’t going to lead a team against United at Old Trafford in front of no-one and take any points. Manchester United loaned a young star to Watford (thanks) but are looking into buying Sarr in case the Sancho deal doesn’t happen. I’m confident the fans will make sure it happens

A Bargain – donate Now!

Brighton and Hove Albion

I don’t care about this match so it’s a guess.

Tottenham Hotspur

Mourinho style football. Press, tight at the back, score one lucky goal. Hold on for dear life.
Can Gareth bail save Mourinho? He’s top of my list despite me picking them as a winner today.

Manchester City

I don’t know if Pep has lost his magic but I keep hearing excuses – the defensive players aren’t good enough (mostly his buys), his team can’t play a tight squeeze (his tactics). Silva is gone, Aguero is out for a few months. It all points to a team that will win some handily and struggle in others like last year. Too much has to go through Prince Harry.

Left: Megan Ran away Harry to Canada
RIght: Kevin pulls the strings for Pep

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