Matchday 13 – Picks and Results

Your Comments:
BE: v”ME is always accusing me of copying. I think it’s obvious I don’t. I think I should try to sneak a peek at his predictions, but I always do mine first! Sometimes I even think that I should reverse my picks! AM has to make an improvement to catch ME……”

AM needs to catch you first! I don’t recommend reversing your scores but I do recommend changing them before you send them in.

AA: Tooo much turkezzzz

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

JE: “And United losing to Chelsea. I’m actually not convinced that we will score so perhaps I should have picked 2-0!!!! Liverpool will wipe the floor with the saints. They are just too good at the moment. Watford, after their annihilation of the Red Devil’s, will lose to Leicester. Shame really. I like Watford because of you. Tottenham will have a clean sheet and score one. Conte will get them Working.”

I try to like Manchester United but I can’t. 🙂


Here are everyone’s picks and their points for each pick:


A pretty bad week for yours truly but at least I’m not last.



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