Matchday 12 – Picks and Results

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JE: “Mostly picked by H and her mum. Probably a lot better than my picking?!!! Big game this week. Moose men v the red not so devils. Could be good if we lose but I’m sticking to a win for us. Mostly as the strutting peacock isn’t playing.”

I’m picking Watford to win because they should be fired up after the Man U fans basically called the Orns a useless team that it is inexcusable to lose to.

Liverpool should win. I’m still not convinced by Arsenal – great keeper, decent forwards but still just playing to lose by passing around in their own area.

ME:” Another week after an international break…arghh!
Burnley may have turned a little corner and Palace are doing pretty well… I think a draw will be a fair result.  Chelsea will make Leicester ‘s day more miserable with a comfortable win.
Liverpool will return to .form and take out the Gunners… Spurs must win these sort of games to prevent a never ending slide. Citeh should win comfortably.. leaving the Toffees in a sticky mess.
Can’t see the Hornets beating Man Utd even though both are fighting to find some form!The Hammers will keep marching upwards.
Newcastle and Brentford should provide an exciting draw to remain in some sort of trouble.”

I see your Everton pun – very clever.


Here are everyone’s picks and their points for each pick:


This …


rere are the season totals.


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