Matchday 10 – Predictions

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JE: ” Utd v Tottenham. 0-0 with 18 defensive players on the pitch. A bore draw. Liverpool will just keeping winning!!! “

Oh what fun it must be to be a fan of one of these teams. Two of the three most at-risk managers in football. The other being Ranieri.

Good Bye. Dilly Dilly Dong – the bell on the way out.

ME: “Battle of the B’s.. I think the Bees will win. As the Bees will win I think the Hornets will do the same. The mighty crisps should topple the Gunners… neither side consistent yet. Liverpool, Citeh and Chelski will all continue to dominate their games and win. Not too sure about the Hammers. I think they will win but their bubble will soon burst. Leeds are rubbish this year but Norwich are worse. I was a going for a draw but Leeds will win…close one though! Wolves and Evereton are both all over the place so I predict a scrappy draw. I have Spurs winning but this is just favouritism… United will either want to make amends for last, if which case, watch out Spurs or they may wish to get rid of Ole in this case watch out United …hardest prediction of the week!”

I am reading thsi and laughing at your logic. How does AM lose to you week after week! Is his method randomly picking teams and hoping they win? Sorry – I’m confusing what he does with Ole Gunnar !


Good luck…

I’ll be posting the results on Sunday! Seriously! I mean this Sunday!

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