Matchday 09 – Predictions

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JE: “Hmmm going for a United loss at home. Terrible. Only consolation is if it’s actually a United win!! Shitty will keep on winning.
Everton will do Watford with one of your old players scoring the winner. Doucoure or however you spell his name.
I’m going for an Arsenal 2-0 win as that’s what you suggested. Good idea really.  (Ta).Palace will do the geordies (hopefully).”

You spell it R-i-c-h-a-r-l-i-s-o-n. And how long do you think Ole has left if they lose?

AA: “How I wasn’t last in the rankings last week is beyond me!”

There is always this week!

This week picks are in and complete:


Good luck…

I’ll be posting the results on Sunday! Seriously! I mean this Sunday!

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