Matchday 07 – Picks and Results

This week I am able to post the picks, guesses, and results all in one giant post.

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JE: “All picked by H although I had to influence her to change 1-1 to 1-0 for united! 3-4 is an interesting score line and prediction!!!”
I think 3-4 was over-optimistic for a bit of excitement but 1-1 for the Trafford lads against the Toffee men seems quite a good pick in hindsight.

ME: “Not sure whether the wifi connection will stay up…down in West Pentire…So I will quit now while I’m ahead.”
Got your picks and all is well. I know you’re ahead of AM and the chances of him catching up are small but you still have to complete the season!

AA: “❤️”

Here are everyone’s picks and their points for each pick:


No real susprises this week outside of the normal over-expectations that #OleOut needs to win every game. Chelsea benefited from a very iffy red card, Watford got what looked like a goal taken back were some moments to think about. Norwich failing to score, Newcastle failing to win are all things we can expect to happen again.


Average week for yours truly and a good week for LJ who finished top of the humans. The Super Computers continue to do well. Mark Lawrenson is doing surprisingly bad – I’ll have to check that I captured his points correctly.


Overall, the leaders have flip-flopped and CS has taken the lead. I’ll do a biographical summary of all the players soon so we know who they are. The gap between ME and AM was also narrowed so I should be careful what I say in the comments moving forward!

I don’t know if you’ve read the headlines but “Claudio Ranieri Fired In Christmas Shocker!” has been predicted for the Hertfordshire Gazette as Watford chase success with their manager merry-go-round.

Thanks Xisco! you were good until you weren’t.

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