Matchday 08 – Picks and Results

This week I am able to post the picks, guesses, and results all in one giant post.

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LJ: “I was actually a bit late to get the Watford game in so I put an outlandish 9-0 and I was almost correct”

I think that was a reasonable pick. The way they wanted to run up the score they might have done it with another 20 minutes.

JE: “Got United winning but again I doubt it as our cb’s and cm’s will be sh*t today. Ronaldo will go on a major strop thinking what am I doing here. Prob the same as what dvb and Sancho are thinking. I genuinely can’t see ole staying if the football is as sh*t as this all the time. I would also jettison pogba as he wants too much money and doesn’t really contribute. A strutting peacock. Anyway no comments on other clubs this week!!!!.”

You sound like every other person stuck supporting the wrong team near Manchester. #OLEOUT

ME: “Villa v Wolves is a good bet for a draw…1 each it is then.
Almost had Brentford down for a win… i think the quality of Chelski will win in the end… good game predicted!
Not sure which flavour of crisps will turn up or which Man U side will pop up (Iknow they have lost their two main defenders)… I am going for Leicester to win by the odd goal with Vardy scoring the winner.
Man City will cruise through their game against Burnley with at least 3 goals.
Norwich and Brighton is a difficult one but Norwich aren’t really good enough…
Southampton are a difficult side to assess and this week I have them losing to Leeds by the odd goal.
Sorry John, as much as I would like your team to win.. it is Liverpool who are playing reasonably well again and should nudge Watford to one side.
Everton and the Hammers will provide an entertaining draw.
Newcastle will eventually be reinvented but for now they wll be headless chickens. C’mon you Spurs.
Finally it’s the gunners v an old gunner’s team. As much as I like what Viera is doing at Palace I think Arteta should have enough to see them home.”


Here are everyone’s picks and their points for each pick:


This was a terrible week for picking and guessing. Before it started I told KMFE that it was a challenge to pick outside of Liverpool and Citeh. CS took this as a challenge and managed to pick just TWO games correctly. Liverpool and Citeh! To be fair, he actually picked Watford to win with a ridiculous score because he was late. I decided to give him the gimme.


Low scoring week this week with only TWO exact scores in total across all the picks. A single digit winner is a bad week but at least one of the winners is yours truly.


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