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JE: Some random results picking from Jim and Hannah this week! It’s puppy picking up day! And then puppy pop picking up day for the next month!

I know your strategy is guessing. Next week have Bertie pick his own scores and I’ll have him go up against Cliff. He usually picks Wolves because they are his relatives and the rest are just random – except he picks against Chelsea because “black dogs matter”. He also goes for Aberdeen every week.

ME: I think Arsenal will finally haul themselves from the bottom. Another opponent of quality this week would have really started the Arteta out movement… however, if they lost…..
I think Arteta has a few weeks – they were quite good at the end of last year almost qualifying and he needs to have a few weeks where he has his “first” team playing. I’m picking them to win comfortably but I am discounting the lack of first team confidence. Will probably be a tight affair.

ME: Brentford have started well will have a chance against Brighton but I am guessing they will share the points.
It’s hard to know. A win on the opening week against an Arsenal and that leads to the started well type chatter – a loss today and it will be “started ok” and that’s where we will end the day.

ME: Chelski will continue their form and breeze past Villa, although only two nil.
Not sure it will be a breeze but sounds about right.

ME: Watford and Wolves haven’t quite shown their potential yet and both will walk away scratching their heads as to why they didn’t win.Leeds will give Liverpool a bit of a fright but will lose to a very late Salah goal.

Watford have shown their potential – to win and lose but mostly lose. Wolves should have put four or five past Spuds last week but didn’t and this week I expect that drought to end.

ME: Burnley who will fight to the end haven’t quite got it and will lose to a more polished performance from Everton.

I want to believe that Burnley will keep up this year but the start of the season shows them playing a little rough and that’s a sign that they don’t think they’re good enough. See them going down with Newcastle and Norwich with Watford, Brentford, and Leeds making up the bottom six!

BE: I really should put 0-0 for the Arsenal against  Norwich, but my heart says the Gunners should be able to shoot canaries.
Thank you for trying to add some much needed humour to the site… lol

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