March 4, 2015 Premier League Picks

Another set of midweek games and looking for another potential surprise – Aston Villa scoring twice being yesterday’s shocker.   Perhaps it’s the new coaching and tactics he’s brought to the fray.

Using FA Coaching Badge 101
04-Mar 2015  
Stoke City0-1Everton
Tottenham Hotspur2-1Swansea City
Newcastle United1-1Manchester United
Manchester City3-0Leicester City
West Ham

This week’s picks are kind of random and go against the normal trends of recent form, home advantage and are following the approach of Timmy.   Some of the results I’ve picked are more wishful thinking than sensible predictions – I really don’t want Chelsea to extend or maintain their lead on top.

All signs point to trouble at Everton who are closer to relegation than Europe and facing another tough game against a giraffe and his 10 friends.  I don’t see any miracle headers this week so a sneaky away win it is.

Spurs were disappointing at Wembley.    Kyle Walker has been playing well recently and looked hobbled.  Ericsen is keeping the midfield ticking over but it’s going to be out wide that will make the difference.  If Andros Townsend can learn to cross the ball they should win because somehow Harry Kane will get on the end of it.

The difference between Newcastle and Manchester United is that somehow Manchester United are racking up points while being generally unconvincing.    The teams around Man U are picking up points as well now so the European spot is looking more and more difficult.. or maybe LVG is just making it look that way.

City look inept and great.  They have 11 good players and one team that doesn’t fit together but they’re playing Leicester and they look to be propping up the table for the long haul.  Another convincing win will have us still not writing off their title chances.  Hopefully, Navas  will play instead of Nasri who seems to have an allergy to going backwards or helping out when his team is not on the ball.

Chelsea. We know John Terry probably celebrated a bit too much.  West Ham is a hangover game and the Hammers will steal a draw (because a win is just so unlikely).

QPR in the bottom 3 and probably for good.  Arsenal in the top 3 and probably for good.

Liverpool are on a tear and have not lost in 2015.  This streak will continue; however, a tough Burnley team fighting  for their premiership life will make them more difficult than expece


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