April 5, 2015 Premier League Picks

Critical game for Liverpool if their intentions are to not allow Steven Gerrard to ruin two consecutive seasons.  A six point swing here will see Liverpool well off the pace for a top three and still a couple of wins back from Manchester “how the hell are they this high in the table” United.

How you let yourself get sent off against your arch-nemesis in a key game after 50 seconds is impossible to comprehend.  How you can play for your boyhood team for 20 years and be a legend and then potentially ruin it in your last two seasons could be a very sad end to a great career.

Red Card for Gerrard

Oh wait, that’s not the game.

Gerrard with another Red Card

That’s better.  He’s done it before maybe it’s his brain.

And for completeness.

Letting the Title Slip Away

Anyway – I let the domain expire and spent a good deal of time getting it renewed and back.  I would have done it this afternoon but I was busy watching a referee almost blow Watford’s season to smithereens with a dubious red card (not the first) … but ended up watching a heroic away draw against Derby County with a goal from Ighalo

Ighalo – Again!

All I know is that the kid above will be in the Premier League next year.  Who for is unknown but he will be there.

04-Apr 2015  
West Bromwich Albion 2-0Queens Park Rangers
Manchester United1-1Aston Villa
Swansea City 2-1Hull City
Everton 1-0Southampton
Leicester City 2-1West Ham United
Chelsea2-0Stoke City
05-Apr 2015
Burnley1-2Tottenham Hotspur
Sunderland2-1Newcastle United
06-Apr 2015
Crystal Palace1-2Manchester City

A quick summary.

Arsenal are on a good run and at home they can beat anyone.  Liverpool have been playing well but with Sturridge back we’ve seen the return of a top striker; however, at the cost of form from Coutinho.

West Bromwich Albion have been slowly getting closer and closer to the drop but they’re at home against the team that seems to have just given up and resigned itself to a fate in the old 2nd Division next year.

Manchester United have been horrible this year but are still up near the top.  Aston Villa have been horrible this year and are deservedly near the bottom of the table.  But Villa scored multiple times last week and so I have to believe they have a good chance.

Everton are on the upswing.  They are focused on the league and tired of looking over their own shoulder at the relegation picture.  Better than their position and, on paper, better than their play to date.

Leicester are playing Jesus this year… they plan on coming back from the dead and they’re starting this weekend.

Swansea are higher in the table and at home.   Hull are struggling.

Chelsea will win.  They are Chelsea.

I’m tired of saying that Harry Kane is over-chieving so this week I have high expectations for Spurs.

Sunderland are below Aston Villa and any team below Aston Villa are trying to win.  They will.  Newcastle are probably already too busy looking for their next two managers (may as well be prepared and have a successor to the next failure).  I hear Harry Redknapp is available.

Manchester City have to win to keep their remote fantasies alive.

Bit of a rush these last two weeks. I will be more prepared next time.  I promise.  Oh crap.. that’s Tuesday!

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