January 21 Picks and Results

First things first. Here were the predictions. AB didn’t pick this week so he got the honor of being Mark Lawrenson for the day.


I calculated the scores earlier in the week but as you can see I was less than happy to have to post them. I’m not sure but a 14 point differential between first and last may be the biggest ever.


To fall 12 places in a week is very disappointing but I do feel a little bit better seeing that JE only claimed 1 spot above me. It’s been a bad couple of weeks for the Trafford fan.

Weekly Comments
Thank you for your comments. I’ll try and incorporate them again in the coming weeks.

This Weeks Retrospective Analysis
I thought I’d write my analysis for the week so that I could learn from my mistakes and improve in the future. Feel free to use this tactic.

Aston Villa vs Watford  1-1 
Villa will win 2-1 but it will upset Harry Hornet if I pick against my team!

Bournemouth vs Brighton 1-1
The cherries should win handily but I there have been draws recently

Everton vs Newcastle 2-1
I suspect that Everton’s run will come to an end but I’m not picking that

Leicester vs West Ham 2-0
Finally a gimme result. Not sure what the score will be so I’ll guess.

Sheffield Utd vs Man City 0-2
Could be anything! Pretty sure the Citeh will win though

Wolves vs Liverpool 2-2
An obvious 1-2 pick but I really want Liverpool to not win.

Man Utd vs Burnley 2-0

OGS has this team turned around – they’re back to the Glory Glory Man United days! They’re unstoppable with Lingard up front.

Chelsea vs Arsenal 2-1
Fat Frank will guide them to a victory.

Spurs vs Norwich 2-0
This result is dependent on Ericsen showing up. If he doesn’t it will probably be 2-1.

Next Weeks Analysis
Copy whatever the Supercomputers are doing. You would think I might know what the method is but I need to do some algorithm study. All I know is that SC2 is doing really well and SC1 has had a few first places recently…. I should really just copy SC1 at this point.

Leaving me in the dust…. the robots they are alive…

Juanny Cinco is a Watford Fan!

Why Picks are Hard Reason 1
I thought I’d start a new feature!

This week it’s understanding where players are – both physically and in their head. It’s hard enough to keep track of who is playing for who sometimes. Even harder is to know when someone is truly playing.

This year’s example is Eriksen. He has been “playing” for Spuds all year but has he been trying? Who knows! Well… he’s off to Italy where that effort will be appreciated.

Eriksen Finally Gets To Leave

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    1. It means you did worse this week than last week in terms of your overall standing! So it’s not good because you’d want green…. but it is good because it meant you were not last the week before!

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