Generic Cup Final

This Milk-Littlewoods-Rumbelows-Coca-Cola-Worthington-Molson-Capital-One “No Sponsor” Cup……  is so unimportant that all I’ve read this week is whether Rooney will play or not.
It’s so unimportant it doesn’t even have a sponsor!  It’s the generic cup.
It is important enough to have a sponsor though… Carabao!  Yes, that Carabao. 🙂

The Generic Cup

Before making my predictions I thought I’d point out other cups that are probably more important than this  EFL cup.

First there is the mug type cup:

At Least we Have Sponsors

Then there’s the Coffee Cup:

Very Expensive Cup of Coffee

Then we have the cup that is cheap but protects valuable assets:

A Valuable Protection Cup

And then we have the:








And finally… the


After all that you’re probably wondering what my pick is:

Rashford 2 – Southampton 0

The others are picking:

  • JE 5-0 to the U
  • BE 1-0 to the team her favorite son likes
  • ME 3-1 because he’s smart like his favorite son
  • KMFE 3-1 because she’s smart like ME’s favorite son

And yes, Rooney will play.



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