Games for August 19th

First things first.

JE questioned if he picked exactly the same as ME and the first post went through theh first VAR of the season.

VAR The Results

The findings were that there was an egregious foul on the reporting of results that resulted in a complete replay. Unfortunately, the answer to the original question was that JE should have wished he picked the same as ME because after the re-adjustment he fell down the table a little.

Early doors.

Then there was another review

Did LJ cheat?

It was noted that LJ scored a suspicious EXACT on the Liverpool – Norwich game. Who would really pick 4-1?

I was informed by LJ that he entered that pick after the game and that I should remove his points. As a huge Liverpool fan and knowing that he would have picked them the referee’s decision was to award him a 1 pt correct team victory.

Final Updates are posted:

Latest suicide state
Latest results

Congratulations to AM for the good start.

As for this week? I have tallied everything up and ready to go EXCEPT I’m waiting for JE to give me his picks!

The clock is ticking.

JE Time

Appreciate the patience. This has been a tough week. I’ll be putting the picks up tomorrow. I will also be creating a summary results page that will be on the main menu (assuming I remember).

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