Feb 22 Picks and Results

Looks like I forgot to put up picks, results, tables, analysis and any information regarding the fixtures from the 22nd of February… perhaps this is an indication that it’s getting harder and harder to care when one team is 20 points clear and the team you support barely has more than that in total.

Some Guesses and Some Skillful Choices

And looks like a tie between LJ and JE with poor old AA languishing at the bottom looking like a forlorn Canary, Deer, or Hammer.

Weekly Comments
JE: “Lots of 2-1s ok my and from memory I have quite a lot of those… what is the most common scoreline? Is it 2-1?”
It’s not but looks like this week the tactic worked well!

AA: ” I never noticed how lovely Mikel Arteta’s eyes are. He’s not Gazzaniga, to be fair, but still “
That is important!

2nd Place But Age Appropriate
1st Place But a Mere Babe

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