Feb 19 Results – The end of the Winter Break

So the winter break that is really just one week spread over two weeks is finally over. What have we learned?

Liverpool can win the Premier League title with their eyes closed and don’t see to have any competition left yet lose in Europe to Atletico…. the Everton to Real Madrid’s Liverpool

Mourinho can take any team and force them into a defensive oriented mind and come away without scoring as Spuds lose to Leipzig.

Man City can get banned for 2 years but will appeal the decision on the grounds that it seems every team near the top has run afoul of the Fair Play regulations and that those regulations aren’t actually Fair Play. If it was fair, why would the biggest clubs be the biggest supporters of it? It’s like asking the Mexican cartels if they would approve of decriminalization of drugs (any quantities).

The new “power” team that apparently has no financial irregularities, Paris St Germain, could lose to lesser teams like Borussia.

Watford can now lead against everyone and still lose. Good grief – dropping 8 points in the last 3 games is not how things should continue. Nigel Pearson suggested that the team needed to fight for each point.

Fighting Words!

JCE is on a roll with back to back first places and this after a last place finish. I feel like Nigel Pearson just kicked me in the rear and put me into gear…. I expect one more top finish before a run of mediocrity.

Looks who is First Again

Mixed bag from the Super Computers this week with SC2 and SC3 maintaining their consistent run towards the top and SC1 showing some weakness in the strategy that has in recent weeks paid off.

The overall lead is diminishing as ME failed to capitalize on an easy week.


Looks like SC2 has taken over the top spot! Why don’t I just copy those picks?

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