Feb 08 Picks and Partial Results

So the schedule has been messed up by the so-called “mid-season player break” but I’m trying to keep up with things. I know that Watford don’t need this because they have a “mid-game player break” every week.

Here are the picks:

Guesses Again

Weekly Comments
AA: ” In under the wire for Watford (who have become my sentimental favourite this season btw.) “
Please don’t do this. Life is already hard enough without adding that to it!

That’s it!

Why Picks Are Hard Part 2
Picks are hard because it’s almost impossible to predict the mental state of 22 players at any given time. No one knows when a player will launch into a red-card lunge… when a player will holds their hand in an unnatural position in a box for an opposing team to kick the ball into. No one knows when a player will fall asleep and let a striker in…

The key is to focus on exceptions like:

  • Watford will always have someone who wants the opposition to score and failing that will score for them
  • Andre Grey and players of his quality will always miss.
  • Watford will find a way to not win
What a Goal It Was Too

Current Standings After 3 Games
Some variety in there!

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