Feb 01 Results

This year has been somewhat of a challenge in terms of picks and this week is yet another week where we had a last-to-first transition.

Last week I scored a massively useless 3 points (a total which should have been 11 points as explained in my post) that sunk me to the bottom of the table and this week a not too shabby 13 points led me to the heights of success.

First to Last!

The biggest indicator of the volatility of results is how positions have shifted with a top half of green arrows and a bottom half of red arrows.

How are the Aggregate Scores

ME continues to lead but LJ is nipping at his heals. The Super Computers are still performing well with all three sitting in the top half of the table.

Weekly Comments

JE: “I’m rubbish at predicting scores really crap!”
AA: “Guessy McGuessersen of guesstown!”
ME: “Because of time restraints I have had to guess the rest…”

There seems to be a common theme across comments this year. There is definitely a level of honesty and self-realization on the part of some but I tend to think that there is a level of humble-brag on the part of a few!

ME: “But Spuds will just pip Man Pretty as they have a very settled squad, no injuries and the best manager….not, not and not. “

But you picked Spuds to win like you do every single week. I think this does provide evidence that you do guess! You’re just luckier than all of us!

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