F.A. Cup Final

It’s the end of season spectacular…. well if you exclude the more exciting play-offs for promotion.

FA Cup
FA Cup

I believe that I picked either Crystal Palace or Everton so I’m going to have to stick with the underdog Palace.

The game will be tight boring with Trafford United trying to score by passing the ball sideways with a little bit English to get it forward. Palace, on the other hand, will launch the ball down the sides and pray that Zaha can cut inside and dive into the box without securing a yellow card.

The French Brazilian-Ronaldo* could score setting off a range of “martial law” puns but it will be Rashford to break the no-score bore-draw game.  Rashford’s goal will distract the commentators long enough to have them miss the referee giving Palace a Zaha dive “make-up call” for the dive Zaha made earlier that he thought should have been a penalty earlier on.  Palace will score.  It will be 1-1.

For those who stuck it out they will see 29 minutes of standing around until Delaney scores a weak header on the one effort anyone makes to go forward in extra time.   Man of the match will be Delaney for scoring though the pundits will claim it should be Clattenburg before talking endlessly about how Rashford with 11 appearances should go to Euro 2016 and Rooney shouldn’t (though he’s still the most influential player on the team today).  Then a brief discussion on how the FA Cup is still important and for final round up the view that LVG should go back to Europe in 2016 as well before the final end of season tease….. will Jose be the next coach?

Well the Superbowl-style show is over so the game is on leaving only the question: Does William feel silly singing “God Save the Queen”?

Palace 2-1 United

*I’m not sure I understand why he’s on the wing if he is the fat Ronaldo.

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