F.A.Cup 5th Round Picks


Too tired to use much thought this week so re-using images I’ve used before:

Yes, this is just a picture of the the F.A.Cup

You’ll notice the sponsor is wrong,right?  If you didn’t you should be sure to tell the current sponsor they are wasting their money on this and any other Stadiums or teams they bankroll

This weeks picks were all skilfully selected.  This is how it could be done:

Not How it was Done

The picks were actually quickly put down to spreadsheet and uploaded – the exception was Supercomputer 1 that seemed to go into an infinite loop and printed logs and logs and logs of 2-1 until I unplugged it.  I won’t examine how others might have done it.

Will Give Spuds a Hard time

Burnley v  Lincoln
At home the Aston Villa imposters are unbeatable in the Premier League but this is the cup so anything could happen … it could.. but it won’t.

Middlesbrough v  Oxford United
Boro setup and play like all they want to do is pick up a point at a time.  I’m hoping by half-time they realize that they need to win cup games.   Could be 0-0 if Aitor Karanka doesn’t take 15 minute break to tell his team to score.

Huddersfield Town v  Manchester City
Citeh are playing Champions League in the week so will rest all their best players.  Or, alternatively,they could focus all their energy on a cup they have a chance of winning.

Millwall  v Leicester City
Upset city.  Except is it really an upset if a team can beat Watford handily?  Big Sam is still my pick to be fired but only because there’s a loyalty that gets bought with a Premier League win.  Ranieri should have his suitcase packed just in case.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Chelsea
if I could force an upset through my picks I would pick the Wanderers over Chelski.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the same interest in these games as God so I can’t make a difference.  Cmon Wolves!

Fulham v  Tottenham
Fulham have a decent manager (whatever fires decent managers, apparently).   Spurs will field a weakened team and struggle but a mini Wycombe Wanderers comeback at the end with Dembele and Dele helping score two late goals

Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United
Jack Walker would be disappointed that the Cup is where these teams meet now. He’ll be sadder if he look at Blackburn’s form.  He’d also took about how good a player he had in Chris….

Sutton United v Arsenal

Sutton beat Coventry once in an upset (yes that was an upset!).  Arsenal aren’t Coventry and will want a decent performance after a mid-week hammering.  They could put their heads down or they could focus all their energy on a cup they have a chance of winning.

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