F.A.Cup 3rd Round – Picks

F.A.Cup Rules.

This round is 1 point for picking the game winner.  These will be added up to get a FA Cup Total.
The next round I will offer bonus points for confidence picks (I’ll explain for Round 4).

Once again JE…..

Cheeky Time Abuser

Here are the picks:

Looks like a lot of home wins especially for SC1 who I presume wants each game to be 2-1.

The following are the predictions for ultimate winner :

BE – Arsenal (duh!)
ME – Spuds (actually, he chickened out and picked the ‘pool)

Not sure about KMFE, LJ, or JE yet.

My feeling is that the F.A. Cup will be on Merseyside but I’m not sure which side yet.  I looked for inspiration and have decided that it is going to be based on who has the best F.A.Cup song.  I think we have a clear winner with the Macca/Aldridge rap.

First Game Analysis

Pep will not want to leave the cabinet bare this year so I expect him to field a semi-weakened team. West Ham are a little more comfortable in the league so will also be out for a good cup run, especially to get some interest and atmosphere in the new stadium.  Don’t see Citeh giving this one away.

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