End of Year Results

There’s a lot going on here – there are three rounds worth of picks!

Week 19
Good week for yours truly and terrible for the former leader LJ. I think SC1 needs a little reprogramming!

Well done JCE

Week 20
Here are the picks and the results!

Looks like the reprogramming was slightly successful but all the supercomputers kind of middling out. ANOTHER good week for ME who must be extending his lead at the top. Looks like JE is making a turnaround as well

Week 21
This is the first game of the New Year!

Looks like Watford are making a turnaround. A winning week for KMFE but once again ME finds himself near the top. It doesn’t look like the AM vs ME challenge is going to be close this year!

Two last places in a row for BE! I don’t see much success in the future with a weekly total equal to what Arsenal managed!

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