Tommy Lawrence

I couldn’t find the post because I haven’t exactly spent much time making this site searchable but a long while back I posted about a Liverpool friendly video that went about as viral as a local Liverpudlian Vox Pop* might go.

Sadly, this week he passed away and as much as the Man You fans might not like to visit it, the best place to read about him is probably ThisIsAnfield .  Even Citeh fans should go there because he was the prototype for what Pep looks for in his sweeper-keeper as explained by the excellent video on the club site  LiverpoolFC.

Final off-topic note:

I will be posting results and half-season analysis in the next couple of days.

*Things you may have learned today: vox populi, meaning “voice of the people”.

F.A.Cup 4th Round – Interim Results

The results are not final final as there is one game left but

LJ is the winner!!

Well Done Livi!!!!!

I told KMFE today that within a few minutes of logging in that LJ asked me who had won the FA Cup picks (I knew it wasn’t me and he let me know it was him).
The response?  “Well, I’m not surprised he told you won because he’s been always last!”

It’s funny but not fair.  LJ is a student of the game – he just spends too much time studying Liverpool!

But in all seriousness…a win is a win and the winner was not me.  Well done, LJ 🙂

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