Matchday 02 – Yes, things could be better!

So Matchday 01 is complete and yet the picks and the scores are yet to be posted. This is starting like last year with no updates and no clear sign that I’m doing anything. To be fair JE was winning and I didn’t want to report that !

But there is a bright side:

  • The picks are more automated (a little)
  • The formatting and scoring tables are more automated and prettier (a little)
  • The points tallying is going to be

There is a down side:

  • The long term solution seems way off but I’m going to do it and I’m working on it
  • What has happened to the WordPress editor and why can’t I find where to bullet items, or do anything?

The mid-side:

  • I’m not quite ready but I will be this weekend and the scoring will be up. This is what happens when you decided to do this at the 11th hour!

Furthermore, I will likely create a single page with ALL the weekly tallies based on the designated game day blocks of 38 regardless of when the games are played. So you can always see the overall breakdown!

In other words – forgive me a little this week and I’ll get things in order pronto.

Meanwhile, make your picks :