Week 36 Results

And so here are the results from last week

Good Week for the BE ME Household

Pretty bad week overall with no-one getting West Ham winning at Tottenham’s new NFL Stadium and Southampton ending a game 3 a piece or Leicester punishing a miserable Arsenal.

Watching the games this week I felt like the fake-panenka goalkeeper.

Here are the season standings – pre-adjustments. I will add some default picks for those weeks that people missed later. If you missed a game just tell me “Merse or Lawro” and I will set the score.

The Expert in 8th!

Week 34 Picks and Results

In an attempt to catch up, here’s the results for the week!

It must be someone’s Birthday this week because clearly everyone scored as few points as possible, Deeney got himself sent off and Ben Foster gifted the Arse a goal.

All in all a decent week for BE! (LJ tied for first but he doesn’t – that I know of – have a Birthday this week so gets honorary second).

Weekly Guesses
Weekly Results – Pretty Sad!

Week Who Knows What Week Catch Up

So where are we with Week 27? How about Week 31? What about Week 33?
I barely know either so let me post the final predictions and the current standings.

Congratulations to LJ and KMFE!

Sorry for the delay in getting results have been distracted by lots of things including

Features Goal Of the Year From Deu!

Anyway, I’ve been behind for a long time so need to play catch up. I’m in Fergie “Steve Bruce against Wednesday” Time!

Week 27

Seemingly an age ago there was a week 27 and the last game was finally played and Chelsea beat Huddersfield. Pretty sure that game didn’t change any of the outcomes.

All Games Played

Week 31

There were some other games here – notably Spuds hosting Crystal Palace at their new stadium and Brighton managing to lose at home to Cardiff giving the Welsh a little hope especially with an easy trip to Anfield coming up!

Still More Games Left?
Still All to Play For With 3 Games Left

Week 32

Looks like all the games were played! Even wilder, it looks like LJ got a win in there.

All the Games Were Played?
Who is this SC1 that finished second? Is there a secret supercomputer picking?

Week 33

Looks like all these games were played and well…wouldn’t you know it…KMFE out of nowhere slams down victory so bit that 2nd place was a massive 5 points back- the same total that a JE picked! And who is this SC1?

Looks Like Spreadsheet Shenanigans Switched LS for SC1

Week 30 Results

This was not a good week for yours truly. It felt a bit like….


Maybe I’m taking a dive to give everyone a chance to catch up

No, it’s not a dive Ref!



I am truly,truly, truly, truly shocked to see that LS managed to outscore JE this week!

Not sure I like finishing below LJ. I hope I do better next week! Also, AM better not fall too much further behind ME!

I will publish the picks for this week once I get more of the picks in!

Week 29 Results

This week we welcomed back LS and depending on whether you are a glass half-full or a glass half-empty he presented us with the perfect opportunity to take a laugh at his score or prevented us from having another laugh at LJ’s expense!

Half Funny
Another Week Another Top Finish

Prognosticator of the Week
AB wins this week because he has the fortune of the letter A coming before J in a UK/US alphabetical sorting order.

Week 28 Picks and Results

This mad rush of games combined with a hectic work schedule make keeping this site up to date more difficult than normal. It also means that I’m probably not as humourous as I would like to be. Here’s a tester joke to see how that theory goes:

Wouldn’t it be funny if Antonio Valencia had played for Valencia, David Villa had played for Aston Villa, and Danny Shittu had played for Spurs?

In real life there’s actually the guy who is his team (almost)

The Guesses

And the results:

Did he really win?

Congrats to JE but given how much he claims to know about football (a lot) he should be finishing lower like LJ 🙂 Of course he claims he’s just guessing every week but I know for a fact that you all pore over the stats and make proper educated and calculated projections.

Special Note for LJ:
I know I said I would pick Hornets 3-0 over the mighty reds but I’m no fool!

Week 27 Picks / Results (with 1 to play)

This is one of those annoying Rounds of football that seems to stretch on-and-on. The Cityzens defeated the Toffeemen 2-0 over 2 weeks ago and the Chelsea game is still outstanding. Nonetheless I wanted to update the weekly picks and standing.

The Picks
Who’s This On the Top? Can it be KMFE?

Weekly Comments

JE: ” Away this weekend so fingers crossed that we all win again in the family (apart from Tottenham and arsenal). So just me and you then really!! I hope we don’t lose to Liverpool. Would hate that…..”
Klopp may rather have been at “Thriller” than watching this “thriller”

“Fucking Hell, This Game Was Shit”

KMFE: “Mark this day down in the annals of history: I AM ACTIVELY GOING FOR MANCHESTER UNITED. “

BE: ” As I had Man City, Arsenal, Watford and Spurs all down for a win, I thought I had better do the same for Man Utd and hope de Gea is in form”
Seems that DDG didn’t need to be in form.

ME: “Need spurs to win!”
Tough to keep winning. I am slowly not hating the new offside rule but I hate the new offside rule. How you can stand in the six-yard box by the goalie and not interfere with play is beyond me. I think it’s time someone employed the Inzaghi style of play and just always stands offside preventing that high-line defense. I’m sure Poch is working on it.

That lad must have been born offside.

Sir Alex Ferguson

ME: “Chelsea may or may not turn up… “
I’m guessing not!

Weekly Summary
Watford had a good week with Deulofeu scoring the team’s first ever hat-trick in the Premier League. To put into perspective how good that it is, that’s 9% of Aguero’s total!

Deeney Still Thinking He Carries the Team

This weeks Watford survival gauge looks considerably better!

Coca-Cola, Rumbelows, Littlewoods, Milk Carabao Cup Final

Today’s big game was the EFL final between Chelsea and Man Citeh. We expected goals. we got none. We expected Sterling to choke, he didn’t. But nothing was as strange as the ending of an otherwise boring game.

Yeah, I really Stretched my Photoshop chops !

Week 26 Results

On my last post (2 weeks ago) I forgot to post the picks… and since then my effort in posting updates has been almost Chelski-like.

“Well this group of Chelsea players are lazy. They are not going about their work in the right way. “

Keeper (not) Sleeping on the Job

To solve that problem, Sarri has brought in another former player of his (is this a lazy strategy?). Higuain. A player he looked directly in the eyes at Napoli and said:

“You’re too lazy. If you don’t change your attitude, you won’t become the best centre forward in the world.”

Seems like a perfect fit!

I’m just going to try and do a bit better because I don’t have the money to splash around on a new humorist/writer/blogger/score maintainer!

Results for Last Week

Things are beginning to tighten up at the top as BE is beginning to render the ME/AM rivalry as a fight for distant 3rd and 4th!

BE Mounting a Second Half Surge!

Week 24 Results and Week 25 Picks

Last week’s results.

Not a Good Week All Around

Some bonkers results in there this week.

This Week’s Picks
I know I haven’t made much of an effort on my posts recently but you can blame that on my day job that has had me busy.

Changes can still be made up to the first kick-off.

Apparently there are games Wednesday too so I will get that form up so people can pick.

Week 23 – Picks and Results

This weeks picks are mostly in:

All the Picks

Watford are now just a few points from safety as this random chart shows.

From 0 to Safety


A win for BE!

Looks like this was a good week for some. Three exacts for BE moved her well to the top of the table…..however, some people like JE seemed to lose his way but he doesn’t care because Man U keep winning!

Total Points Standings