Another Season of Useless Predictions

It is a new season and once again it starts with me not knowing who plays where which is a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to trying to predict things. More importantly, I don’t know who’s going to be moving while the window is open – Benteke to West Ham, Sanchez to everywhere, and every team needing “4 or 5 players” except Manchester United who need 11 players and Manchester City who bought everything they needed. As a Hornets fan I do know change so I did take the time in the Summer to see who our new manager is – he apparently managed Hull last year and thinks that a Burnley substitute is worth $18m.

Despite knowing that my pre-season picks last year were a disaster, I am once again going to make my predictions.

So here we go again.

Young Player of the Year
Last year’s pick Raheem Sterling – seriously?
Ruben Loftus-Cheek would be a good choice if he didn’t play for Palace. You’re not going to keep them in the top 10 and so you won’t get your recognition.  My choice this year will be Jesus though my fear is that he’ll start slow and will be gone by Christmas… the Benjamin Button Son of God.

My pick is thus:

1st, Jesus
2nd, Ruben Loftus-Cheek
3rd, Raheem Sterling (fool me thrice, why don’t you – is he still young?)

Where’s Dele Ali? He’s at Spurs.

Goalkeeper of the Year

Everton spend a lot on a keeper so either he’s the man or a bust.

1st, Jordan Pickford
2nd, David DeGea

Not Jordan Pickford

Top Goalscorer

Spurs are playing at Wembley so their tally will go down, Man City will score in bunches but share them across all the forwards…then there’s Lukaku.  I really want him to fail but I’m sure he’ll be top of the charts.  Last year I picked Aguero, a rather obvious and not terrible, choice.

2nd, Lacazette
3rd, Morata

Where’s Harry Kane?  He’s at Spurs with Dele.

Best Signings

I don’t know much about many of the players signed but there was some serious money splashed about.  Manchester City brought in a bus load of defenders but Watford managed to spend $8m on Cleverly… which is, not so cleverly.

Worst signing could be Liverpool – that would be Coutinho signing for Barca.

First Firing

First manager to be fired could be Silva because Watford have a stinker of a schedule to start (Liverpool) and could easily be bottom from the get go.  My odds on favorite, however, is Mark “most overrated manager” Hughes who will try and lead Stoke to a no-score draw record.

It’s going to be Silva.

And finally…..The Table

Here’s my end of year table.

Totally Off Base End of Year Table

At Christmas?

Technically, Only Half Crazy Table

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