And It’s On!

The new season 2019-2020 is underway and while I’m totally unprepared, totally out of ideas, and totally out of the loop I thought that it would be so very sad to see this site come to a sad demise so we’re back!

I’ll be trying to make gradual improvements to the site to make things easier (mostly for me) and hopefully provide more up to date feedback and keep on top of things. I didn’t build a management tool so I’m once again working with the old trusty spreadsheet.

My goal is to try and something interesting of amusing every now and then and not detract from the serious competition between some of the competitors.

The scoring system will remain unchanged. If you fail to pick games you will be assigned the picks of Mark Lawrenson; however, these will be factored by 50% and rounded up to the nearest whole number over the season. This will remove the fat zero scores but provide an incentive to pick.

Entry forms are available somewhere on the top right of the screen.

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