29 February – Partials

So there were 8 out of 10 games played this week due to the Milk Littlewoods Rumbelows Coca-Cola Worthington’s Carling Capital One Carabao Cup.

It was a decent game but it sees that it garnered about as much interest as Liverpool’s manager showed against Chelsea in the FA Cup today.

ZIs Match is Boring (may be from a different game)

It was obviously a big week for Watford who beat Liverpool quite comfortably to chants of “Can we play you every week”.

Final Picks

The results weren’t great with a tie at the top with 7 points.

ME has been off the boil recently and is seeing his commanding lead at the top slowly eroded. I thought I’d give him some inspiration by showing him this fan that has tattooed all the Spurs trophies from the last 20 years on his arm.


Let the Healing begin!

Weekly Comments

I’m sure ME said something about Spuds and pretty and AA fancies someone 😉

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