28-Sep thru 01-Oct 2019 – Picks

Quick post today because I ended up working when I could have been original.

Some Scores Already Entered.

Looks like SuperComputers are all functional this week and the 2-1 bug has been somewhat fixed. I back-calculated the results and have updated their overall positions. I am working on a more detailed algorithm based on available strength rankings but that will take some time to put together (if an when I can be bothered).

Historically, SC3 has finished consistently in the Top 3 but then historically, LJ has been finishing in the bottom 3 so times change.

Lets see how this goes.


JE: Just love seeing the deej……..I will do next week. Must get my creative cap on!!
I haven’t done much creatively this year so it will make a change to see something on here that’s fun and exciting.

ME: I think Spuds will hit back this week and win comfortably.
You think every week that Spuds will win

No Bias here then

ME: I can’t pick between Man U and the Gunners… a soft draw. Abambalang scoring late to earn a point.
Abambalang? Are you sure you don’t mean one of the other players….

La Cassette
Granite Xhaka

ME: I’ve got you as a draw even after their crushing of last week.
You’re crazy. I picked a draw on Friday night but then on Saturday changed it to a crushing defeat because my head > heart.

AM: “Off to Old Trafford again this weekend and looking for a similar result to my previous visit when we hammered Leicester City 1-0 !”
Good luck.. and well done the Welsh!

AM: “Well played Baaaaaaarb for being the The “Suicide Picks” first winner. . . .I think.  :-/  .x.”

First sole winner! We had a tied set of winners last time out. I need to figure out how to make this work better. Maybe change it from wins to “not losing” and stop everyone picking Liverpool and Man City until the 5th week or something.

KMFE: “All my strength with DJ ??????? — for whom any result for a Scottish side is fine, even if Rangers beat Aberdeen ;-)…
Not going to lie. DJ is unhappy with a 5-0 result against his team. He did bark 8 times
to let me know it’s better than Watford’s effort last week.

BE: “I was going for 0-0 Man U v Arsenal , but I thought xhaka or another would probably give away a penalty.”
Pre or Post VAR?

Not Dirty At All

Suicide Picks
This system would work better if I had invested the time in a proper interface to enter scores. This week we could lose almost everyone with one bad result by Leicester.

Could We Have All Survivors?

Results posted after the last game tomorrow.

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