26th December Picks – Boxing Day

By the end of today we will have half of a season in the books – except for one name due to the Qatar-Gives-Us-Money Cup that Liverpool played in. I think they won but I can’t be sure and don’t really care.


Weekly Comments

JE: “Merry Xmas indeed. Was pleased for you last weekend for both Watford and philly. “
I’m sure that came after some anti-OGS feelings!

AA: “I was thrilled for Watford this past week. Also for the Eagles, though I don’t have much hope that the run will continue. At least we beat Dallas though!”
I think all I wanted for Christmas in the NFL was for the Eagles to beat Dallas. If they make the play-offs they’re not going far but better than the Bears!

AM: “Happy Christmas one & all.”
And to you as well!

BE: “Sheffield might do better than Manchester Utd., let’s hope the knives don’t come out and they don’t slice up the moose. This is just a ‘ urggh’ comment for you JE”.
I’m not sure I understand the murderous comments! I think we’re saying the Man United are dreadful because they lost to a worse Watford?

BE: “I dont think Arsenal know how to get the ball in the net”
That makes sense!

This Weeks Analysis

I usually do poorly when I make my analysis but it’s been a while so I thought I’d give a Christmas peak in to the mind of how JCE makes his picks!

Aston Villa FC v Norwich City FC
I don’t know… Villa score sometimes and Norwich are bad

AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal FC
I don’t think Arsenal know how to win

Chelsea FC v Southampton FC
I hate that Chelsea are decent but what can I do?

Crystal Palace FC v West Ham United FC
Ugh… the home team?

Everton FC v Burnley FC
I don’t hate Everton now that Silva is gone. What a stupid managerial pick.

Leicester City FC v Liverpool FC
Liverpool will win by 2 or more but surely if I pick against them they might lose.
If Klopp goes on the field to celebrate again – will the referee please actually follow the laws and book the twat.

Manchester United FC v Newcastle United FC
Home team. Who cares?

Sheffield United FC v Watford FC
Watford are getting better but they won’t win

Tottenham Hotspur FC v Brighton & Hove Albion FC
A sack of potatoes could beat the Gulls but there’s a hole in the sack.

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC v Manchester City FC
Surely if I pick all the teams that might catch liverpool it might work.

Final Thought of the Day
Do commentators realize that the World Club Champions means less than the Charity Shield runners-up game?

Can the commentators that anoint all the players to be the best in the world – Arnold, for example… and say that Jordan Henderson is fabulously underrated and world class… explain why England are so bad?

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