21st December

Games come thick and fast this time of year which is hard enough to track but then we have the added complication of Liverpool playing in the let’s normalize Qatar with a made up “Club World Cup” competition which messed up the Premier League schedule.

Funny how FIFA wants to kick racism out of the game but are quite comfortable with human rights’ abuses.


Just LIverpool to go

Weekly Standings

Pretty Lousy Results

I should go ahead and hand the victory to ME as he can’t lose at this point…so Congratulations!

Thanks for playing everyone (note: this week Mark Lawrenson subbed for AB)

Weekly Comments

AM: “Pick the bones out of that. Late entry but not looked at anything, not even sure who’s playing who & when. Happy Christmas.”

Mr AM – the who is playing who can be found out simply by reading the team on the left and the team on the right that is even with it, see blue circles. The when is indicated approximately by the date.


JE: “Lying in bed thinking. Shit I need to do my scores… gone for a big statement and a 0-3 win for united at Watford. Watch me get it completely wrong. If so merry Xmas. “

Merry Christmas. You got it totally wrong.

AA : “Also, I find football data fundamentally fascinating. Not sure what that says about me.”

It does not make you unusual for sure, there is a site I once looked into for data and they capture everything that is possibly to be captured- passes, headers, possession, distance run, goals, minute-by-minute analysis. That’s before you get into index/spread betting.
No one do this without understanding what you are doing – I don’t want to be responsible for homelessness or your families wondering what shopfront is your new home.

ME: I have Spurs beating Chelski but this could be a real challenge for the Jose boys…

Wrong! This is why you had a run of bad results

ME: I have Watford beating Utd because they looked very good last week…a bit of luck and they could do it!

Correct! This is why you’re winning!

Overall Midish Season Rankings

More to come but here are the standings heavily dominated by the Computers. It mirrors the Premier League quite well… domination at the top…. abomination at the bottom (sorry) and close in the middle…it’s almost like a statistical distribution.

I’ll publish more next week when we hit the mid-point.

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