20-Sep thru 23-Sep 2019 – Results

Weekly Picks

This was the worst picking week I’ve had since starting this whole website. In case you’re wondering that’s 5 years worth of picking and including a title. Looking back at that length of time it’s quite amazing to read things from that era.

Fabregas is not as good as Mata so its hard to see how Mourinho will work him into the team.” and “Liverpool without Suarez…..Sterling will improve and Brendan Rogers has built some depth… they can’t keep Gerrard too long”

Both managers have been fired or moved twice. None of the players are where they were. This site has been running a long time and this is the worst I’ve scored. Somehow, I still didn’t finish last!


The observant will notice that I’ve managed to get one of the SuperComputers working and it has been designed to think like a human (guess) and it did quite well. Next week I expect another to be fixed with a superior algorithm that I will run on a back-dated basis. It should win this year.

Suicide Picks

We have a winner!

BE is last one standing

Final Words
Just a quick post this week…. it’s been a rough few weeks.

KMFE: “An extra pick for Dandy this week: Livingston 1 cookie – ALL THE COOKIES Aberdeen… ?????????????????????

Dandy didn’t get an exact but her team definitely got more cookies.
Miss You.

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