20-Sep thru 23-Sep 2019 – Picks

Everyone picked today and we’re good to go:

The Guesses

After one result things are still very tight at the top of the weekly table:

We’re doing well so far!

Weekly Comments

JE: “Cmon the Chelsea!! See you next week where perhaps I do the editor role whilst I’m there…..”
Deal. It’s written down and captured in stone (after I edited it a little).

ME: “Another round of guesses as there is still no form to go on! Liverpool will just pip Chelski; Liverpool’s hardest game so far. I have Arsenal cruising to victory. Spuds and Man U will have fairly tough games but should win! Unlucky Watford to catch Man Pretty who will still be angry over their Norwich defeat. Can’t see Sheffield Utd surviving in the premiership and Everton are fighting to be the team they hope to be; should be an Everton win. The south coast drama won’t be…Southampton to snooze past Bournemouth.”

I included the whole comment this week so people can see into the skilled analysis that happens on a week to week basis. I should deduct points for your final comment on Bournemouth!

Nate Silver runs a pretty decent analysis and rankings for teams and he has Sheffield going down with Villa and Brighton (which is my list). He also has Watford 2 places above relegation which I think is a little optimistic but in Dr House I trust.

KMFE: “An extra pick for Dandy this week: Livingston 1 cookie – ALL THE COOKIES Aberdeen… ?????????????????????

This made me smile. I miss her.

General Comments
While it has been a bit of a struggle of late for Ole Gunnar Solsksjaer, his tactics have been recently leaked. It is clear from the image that things have certainly changed since the Mourinho park the bus style of play.

There is no Bus!

With all the talk of negativity in the game today -racist abuse, racist chants, and racist behaviour it’s nice to read a more uplifting story. Watford have a reputation for being a family club with large sections of the stadium being “dry”. It’s nice to read about their diversity initiatives which has grown significantly over the years.

With so much negativity going on in the world, the embracing of diversity is certainly something for the club to be proud of. It’s important to me that everyone is respected.

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