14-Sep thru 16-Sep 2019 – Picks and Results

This week Dandy loyal fan of Aberdeen passed away. This made putting the picks and results together a little less important but eventually the results needed to go up.

The Picks
It does appear that the Super Computers are currently not operational.

A Bunch of Guesses

The Comments

KMFE: “I know this is not the right result for Watford.  Happy birthday, JCE ;-)…”
But it is! A whole point!

LJ: “Wanted to give the Hornets a win but the best I can do is a draw.”
No skill then. It’s just all luck… you can give them a win by choosing them to have more goals that the opposition.

Looks like another good week for LJ who managed to max out points via exact picks and defeat me who only got two incorrect results. Who came up with this scoring system? It’s so unfair.

So unfair, so so unfair.

It pains me to put up a table with LJ at the top of it but here is the table with LJ at the top of it. This week sees a decent result for KMFE who every week looks like the above picture of Pep when she sees the final result.

Just Two Wrong and not First.

It does look like the AA whiteboard needs a little fine tuning. Things will turn around.

Suicide Picks
Disaster! Man City letting everyone down.
Looks like a show down between bitter enemies!

And Then There Were 2

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