Week ? – Which is Actually Weeks 31 and 35

So there are a few more games this week thrown in on a Tuesday.

This week there are a few critical games.

At the Bottom
Somewhere West Brom fans are hoping for a Leicester miracle but it’s unlikely that Swansea and Southampton will play to a draw and then both lose their final game.   The Boing-Boings will lose the spring in their step sooner or later and have to hope they can Boing their way back up next year.

WBA and Stoke and ?

There is still a chance that Huddersfield could be relegated.  They end the season against Chelsea (who really want to win) and Arsenal (who will be sending off Arsene) so are staring two defeats in a row.  If I were them I would be hoping for Southampton inflicting a heavy defeat on the Swans.   The EPL would finally be truly the EPL by losing the Welsh… but then Cardiff is waiting in the wings!  I don’t care but why call it the EPL?  Will Gerrard get Rangers promoted to the EPL – or will he just get his ex-gaffer’s job.

I’m Going to Manage the Best Team In Glasgow one day!

At the Top

It’s a done deal for Citeh but they are still two wins from the triple digit points so will be looking to score more goals than they did against Huddersfield.

Who’s Going to Europe?

It’s getting tight with (scraping wins) Chelsea team and (stuttering) Spurs team still able to leapfrog Liverpool into the Top 4.  There is something romantic about winning the Champions League without ever actually being a Champion and not qualifying for the next year’s CL.

Harry Kane has gone a little cold and will be praying for a few crucial goals.

Please Let Me Score

In Other News

In other (good) news, SAF is up and talking about his results after suffering a brain hemorrhage.  No word on whether he has given any nurses the hair dryer treatment yet.  It’s nice to see some of the managerial acrimony put on pause for a change.

I’m Not Done Yet!

Also Wenger won a mini-league trophy!

It Shrunk in the Wash

Wenger managed his last game at home.

Everyone seems to think he was forced out (he was) and everyone seems to think he’ll manage somewhere else (he’s hungry)…. but it’s hard to re-dedicate yourself to someone else after you’ve given your life to them.  It’s not like he’s had a bit of Monaco on the side… or had a mistress in Marseille.  Let’s see if the Arse cock this up by bringing in an unqualified former player in the hopes of former glory.  Arteta – he’s been an assistant, he’ll do.  At least they don’t have the grand Moyesy succession plan!

Your comments

Sorry that I won’t be using all your comments this week – I do read each and every one of them.  There is also a comment option on each post if you’re interested in that (assuming you’ve read this far – I don’t have any evidence of that because I don’t use any tracking software).

I will use one though
AM: “Nothing can Possibly go wrong!!”
You got that prediction wrong!  1-0?

Man U

Week 37 – Which was Actually Week 37! Results

So week 37 was complete with only one person failing to select teams which isn’t bad considering the lack of posting and the crazy scheduling going on.

It proved to be a great week for JE even though his Trafford Boys laid a goose egg and got beaten by a lower table team.

The Guesses
The Results

Week – What Week Are We Again?

So some updates.

Week 31 has one game left to be played and here are the current standings based on current games played.

Still In Week 31??

Week 35 has a few games left to be played and here are the current standings based on games played.

And Still Week 35?

Week 36 has no games left to be played and here are the final standings.

36 Before 35 and 31?

Congrats to JE on his weekly win.

Just THREE more games to go and the final results will be posted.  I can tell you that First place seems to be set with a small chance of being given up.  Last place is set with no chance of being given up and the rest of the places are too close to call… we have three people all within 1 point of each other.

Who is first? Who is last?  Who knows…. just know that there is all to play for!

I will post again tomorrow with some insights into the remaining games and comment on some feedback as well as posting the predictions. I don’t expect anyone is really going to care about tomorrow’s game – Man U at Brighton…so the analysis is quick – Lukaku is out so I’m not sure who will score…. some say it will be Tony, some say Lingard and some say no-one will.   The smart money is on Fellaini.  Tough away win late.

Thanks for your patience and participation during this time where I haven’t kept up with things.


Week I Can’t Keep Up But I Think it’s 35 and 31

Well the next round of predictions are in.  These will contribute to week’s 31 and 35 but I can’t announce the final results of those rounds until they are complete.  I made the executive decision that scores would be based on the beginning of season scheduled round.

Short Week Predictions

Weekly Comments
AB: “BBC Football Player of the Year: De Bruyne vs Salah.
Wish for Salah to be gonged. Both worthy of title.”
Don’t think there is any doubt on this one.  As great as KDB has been,Salah allowed Liverpool to sell Coutinho, play Mane into form, and keep the point ticking over.  Liverpool would be out of the top 4 without him.

ME: “Hope that Spuds and United try hard before the w/e…
Can’t believe Southampton can pull off a big escape…probably another failed prediction”
Man United will not try hard – JM has already said he’s going second string.  I don’t think the 3rd place team has extra qualifying games in Champions League 2018 so maybe it doesn’t matter.  Still, I would think 2nd is demanded by the fans and Liverpool are right on their heals.  Spurs need to win to really remove what heart (if any) is left in the Chelski team.  They don’t even appear to be playing for places with Conte on the way out.

Pegged Saints to go down for a while and I don’t see that changing.  Brighton has the worst schedule ever had it been the meat of the season.  With most things decided they might get some points.

As the results came in last week I expected a really low set of scores. Man U being upset at home (with predictions of 3-0 and 5-0 clearly a shock).  I would have thought Arsenal was a surprise but apparently we have on person who was on the ball this week.  A great week – wins at the picks and sees his team clinch promotion….

Week 34 Guesses

And the winner by a country mile.

Well In Front

The 13 point differential from first to last has to be close to the biggest gaps ever… so congrats to LS.
ME is going to need a late run to catch up with AM.
Everyone is going to need a miracle to catch up with BE.

Speaking of BE…. Hope your birthday is more celebrated than Ya-Ya’s.I know it’s a little early – but so is the title win… and this way I don’t forget to post on Friday!

And congratulations to the Citeh – English Premier League Champions!  

Celebrating Winning the EPL

Week 34 – Double Game Week

If you know anything about Fantasy Football you will know that this week is a double game week meaning that there are a run of close games.

Please pick for Tuesday while you’re here on the site.

Lazy this week because I went out for Ramen and a Show (both pretty decent).  Will post all the actual predictions this weekend.   Will try to think of an amusing sub-plot.  Right now?  I’m yawning and yearning for sleep…… so here’s a quick stream-of-consciousness.

Weekly Comments

AM:Let’s give this runaway train a little more momentum! So looking forward to the first LWGC v KGC match in June & sharing a beer with ME!. . . . :-)”
There’s no runaway train in the head-to-head match up between the two of you.  I think whoever wins should buy the other their own beer.  Here’s how things stand right now at a game level.

Head to Head

BE: “Some pretty unexpected results in Europe as well! It’s not that we are bad at trying to predict the results, it’s just that the teams don’t play to their potential or don’t put their best team out, or the referees make a mistake, or someone gets sent off or injured……..”
This sounds like the comment from someone losing and not someone winning!  Or an Arsenal fan…or even bit Jose-ish.  I find the issue is that teams tend to allow too many goals in the last minutes ruining perfect scores.  I’m 100% certain I would be winning if games ended at 88 mins.

KMFE: “asdb c asawrfxkhas sdaalsdc hcoasdanzazz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”
Someone went out late to see OMD and was barely alive when entering their picks!  Let’s see how you do….

LJ: “Chelski will record a flurry of draws in the business end of the season.”
Maybe but who’s going to win the CL?  Liverpool to slay Roma and defeat the Germans in the final? Slay Roma  and have Salah outperform Ronaldo?

I’m taking Madrid over Liverpool 3-1 in the final though I’m hoping for a Liverpool win.   I would love to be in Trafford (just outside of Manchester) if Citeh won the league, Liverpool won CL.  Of course the FA Cup matters.

ME: “I fully expect Man Pretty to play their socks off… hoping Spurs can withstand and score a couple of breakaway goals.”
I do prefer JE’s name for Citeh… and I should note that if they play their socks off it’s unlikely that Spurs will win so bit of a wild-card pick.

ME: “United and Liverpool should dominate if they have proper teams on the field! ”
Sounding a lot like BE… are you copying again?  Better watch it or AM will accuse you two of match-fixing or tampering.

AB: “Who ate all the pies?”
I don’t remember when you said that as it was a few weeks back…. but don’t go eating pies on the TV or you’ll get in serious trouble!


Quick Picks

Let’s hope we all do better this week!  I don’t remember what I picked so I’m not sure how my analysis will impact my scores and how it will impact teams so that they don’t play to their potential or don’t put their best team out, or the referees make a mistake, or someone gets sent off or injured…

Burnley V Leicester City
Both teams are safe.  Burnley has not been the defensive team they were earlier in the year but Mahrez on a two game drought and Vardy only shows up against top tier teams… Burnley is in 7th??!?  Vardy with a brace in a non-winning cause.

Crystal Palace V Brighton & Hove Albion
CP have been doing well without results so at home they should win.  But you know what they say about teams that should win?  Sometimes they don’t play to their potential or the referees make mistakes.   The most likely mistake is Zaha getting a penalty he doesn’t deserve… so Palace take it.

Huddersfield Town V Watford
Everyone keeps saying Watford are safe but they aren’t.  Watford will keep this tight looking for one more important point.  In the 95th minute the Terriers will score.

Liverpool V Bournemouth
Who knows?  Salah probably won’t play… after an exciting week in Europe… a lack-luster result is due.

Manchester United V West Bromwich Albion
WBA are doing everything they can to avoid playing Wolves next year.  Lambs to the slaughter.  A win here and a Citeh loss and we’re looking at a 7point gap… exciting end to the season?

Newcastle United V Arsenal
The only reason anyone cares about this game is to see if Aubameyang scores… he won’t but Wellbeck is Wellgood.

Southampton V Chelsea
Flurry of draws.  I’m tired and what LJ said sounds like the words of a professional prognosticator.  How can he or I get Mark Lawrenson’s job?

Swansea City V Everton
Sam Allardyce needs to go.  Swansea have Jose Junior and appear to be heading to safety.

Tottenham Hotspur V Manchester City
Symbolically speaking: Kane (Cain/Cane) is evil.  Jesus is good.  Citeh win!
Normally speaking: Kane at home and Citeh on the ropes. CIteh win!
You’re a Citeh fan called KMFE: Citeh Win!
You’re a Spurs fan called ME: Spurs Win!
Toss a coin.

West Ham United V Stoke City
Despite my desire to see the Hammers go down…they aren’t.


Week 33 – The Final Run In

This week’s quotables:

AM: “Shows how important getting some ‘exact’ scores. Getting ZERO doesn’t cut the mustard! “

Indeed.  I admire the cojones you have in claiming in Week 32 that you weren’t aware of this.. but you shouldn’t worry with just 6 1/2 rounds left you have a clear 2 game win and huge points lead over your frenemy.

Close Run In

KMFE: “Um, looks like I tied for top last week, but you won? Didn’t we win? Or is this another #thisisanfield conspiracy against me?”

I was so surprised to be near the top I got excited and forgot to see if it was a tie.  Unfortunately for you, this week’s random tie-breaker was alphabetical order of predictor and JCE comes before KMFE (just barely)!

Actually, I declare you co-winner for Week 32 and will make that clear by updating the other post.

As for #ThisIsAnfield?  That’s no conspiracy.  I had predicted a home win of 3-1 for the Scousers with a 2-0 loss at the Middle Eastlands but for some reason the CIteh failed to score even though they played so so good.

I called up my buddy Kev to to ask him what happened and he said that they wanted to focus on the league and muttered something about an aging company of some kind.

ME:”Watford will ensure next year in the premiership is safe. Spurs should continue their form.Liverpool could slip up after an exhausting game against Pretty, but doubt it.
I don’t think we’re safe yet but it’s getting closer -just hoping it’s not another 4th from bottom.

 JE:”Watford win again. Lol.  Utd lose to shitty oil money. Again. Liverpool win. Spurs hammer stoke.

Citeh winning the League.  Liverpool winning while you lose is your worst nightmare!  Thanks for sticking with Watford – in your table we’re in a solid 8th place!

This weeks predictions

It didn’t hurt me last week so I will produce another summary.

Arsenal V Southampton
Aubemayang and Lacazette took remarkably similar penalties last week and both look to have found some goal-scoring confidence which makes sense at the end of the season with not a lot to play for.  A shocker here as Southampton run the Arsenal defense ragged and walk away wth a victory.

Bournemouth V Crystal Palace
Both teams really need to win to start to move towards safety and one of them is bound to win.  Definitely no draw here.

Brighton & Hove Albion V Huddersfield Town
BHA are potentially staying up.  Huddersfield are potentially staying up.  It’s all to play for.   I expect a draw or a for the Northern team to pull out a victory.

Chelsea V West Ham United
Chelski have given up on Conte. West Ham have given up on even pretending to care about their fans.  An away win at least means that the Hammer fans can imagine being in a half empty stadium in the Premier League next year.

Everton V Liverpool
Liverpool won 3-0 during the mid-week so are now focusing on the Champions League.  Either the replacements show up and whack Everton or they get thwacked.


I always want this game to be the old Duncan Ferguson style Derby but these days it’s all professional.

Leicester City V Newcastle United
Newcastle are auditioning for Russian oligarchs.  If you want the money you have to win.  Vardy also has a great record against the top clubs and an average record against the bad clubs.  The Magpies are a bad club.

Manchester City V Manchester United
The Derby.  The day the League was won (maybe) and it’s IN Manchester and not Trafford.   Jose has been driving a bus around town looking for somewhere to park it…. but the stadium has plenty of spaces so the game will be free  flowing.

Stoke City V Tottenham Hotspur
Spurs are on a streak but all good streaks come to an end: Harry Kane is back and will disrupt the chemistry that Son has built with the Deli and Chris.

Watford V Burnley
Hard to know which Watford will show up.  The bad one or the mediocre one.  I’m going to guess the bad one which translates to another week looking down the table.

West Bromwich Albion V Swansea City
A manager sacking bounce? Boing!!   Easy win for one of these teams.

Week 32 – Back To Playing

The F.A. Cup has been played.  International friendly matches have been played so it’s time to get back into the groove.

I haven’t sorted out everyone’s entries this week yet but that’s because of one of the many excuses I have…. got jigsaw puzzles that don’t build themselves, TV shows that need viewers or they won’t get advertising, food that volunteered as dinner, sleeping that needs catching up on… and of course I needed to do research for the last few weeks to try and catch up with the leader (and stay ahead of the pack).

This weeks quotes:
AM: “Happy Easter. BIG push starts right HERE!”
For GGMU or for you?  Happy Easter all around.

JE: “Haven’t watched any recent footy.”
Already starting with the excuses!

JE:”Watford win again. Big game Chelsea and spurs. I think Chelsea will steal it near the end. “
I wish I was as confident about the Moosemen.  We’ve been pretty dire and as long as we stick with Deeney up-front I’m not sure where the goals are coming from (this is taking into consideration that Deulefeu isn’t around to dive in the box, Richarlison wants to be elsewhere, and Doucoure is already thinking of his summer move to United to replace the Pogs.

ME: “It’s getting rather congested at the bottom and I’m not sure who is going to make the great escape. So I will predict a few draws with just a handful of goals.”
In other words, you are continuing your practice of guessing.  It does seem that youhave taken on the advice of BE who informed you that you have increased odds of scoring high if you pick draws.

Obvious CaptionKMFE: “Won’t end up watching a ton of these, but look like fun games on the whole. After the asinine interview Karren Brady gave the Guardian this week, I am rooting a bit for Pin the Tail on the West Ham Donkeys… ”
Poor Joe Hart.

Quick Match Summary
Whenever I do these summaries I end up with a lousy weekly score.  For some reason it’s almost as if documenting my thoughts cements failure.  I’m doing it this week anyway just for you (that would be BE/ME/JE – I don’t think anyone else reads this).

Arsenal V Stoke City
Aubameyang will not score against a really quality Stoke team that will look to maintain a great run with another victory.

Brighton & Hove Albion V Leicester City
Either Brighton or Leicester will dominate and many goals will be scored at each end.  The final result will definitely not be two teams tied.

Chelsea V Tottenham Hotspur
Spuds are without Kane but “Nice One” Son will score a hat-trick at least and Chelsea will end the day firmly entrenched as a favorite for the coveted Europe League place.

Crystal Palace V Liverpool
Palace usually have no problem scoring but  Liverpool are renowned for their strong defensive posture.  It can only be 0-0.

Everton V Manchester City
Citeh are a modest team who have fans that will not want to win the title at Old Trafford – there is tremendous respect between the Eastland fans of Manchester and the Red Devil fans of Trafford and Beyond.  A surprise Everton win.

Manchester United V Swansea City
Unlike Liverpool, Manchester United are an attacking force with no designs on ever defending.  This will be a goal fest with Swansea eeking out a win.

Newcastle United V Huddersfield Town
Huddersfield are a power away from home and will score a great victory.  The Newcastle fans will still feel that everything is on the right path and will stage a peaceful pitch invasion to beg the current ownership to stay on and not make any hasty decisions on setting up a transfer kitty.

Watford V Bournemouth
The hornets have been on a great run since the disappointing start of the season despite the amicable parting of ways with Silva but the Cherries are a huge team and will probably score a victory.

West Bromwich Albion V Burnley
The Boing Boings are due a boing (they never got their Pardew bounce) and Burnley are forever a disappointment to their fans.  Should be an easy home win unless something shocking happens.

West Ham United V Southampton
It’s the end of the year and the Hammers finally feel comfortable in their new home.   Big victory for the team with the best CEO in the country.


Week 30 – Tables If You Were God

What would you get if you took the best of Nottm Forest late 70’s, the classiest from Juventus in the mid-80’s, Schmeichel and Beckham’s united, Paisley’s Liverpool, the Dutch Milan of the late 80’s and early 90’s and Pep’s Barcelona?

A team that would lose to this year’s Spurs according to ME!  Of course, they would struggle to beat AM’s United!

Here’s how the table would look if your picks were results.  Diff indicates how close you are to reality.

And collectively:


Round 30 – Results

Didn’t expect high scores this week based on the results and it was true for JE!

What no Exacts?

It was an unusual week because only two players got an exact.  Poor AB picked EIGHT games and still didn’t win!

Round 30 Predictions

Can anyone catch Citeh?  Can anyone catch BE?
Can JCE score like Liverpool and catch up?
Will JE continue to stutter and settle for second-runner’s up like Trafford United?
Will KMFE and AM fight out the decent places like Spuds will against Chelski?
Who of AB, ME, LS is Southampton, Swansea, and Palace looking to finish out of the bottom 3?

LJ is West Brom and he’s going to continue to play because he has to.  Well, he doesn’t but he’s continuing to prove the axiom that “the more you know about football the worse your predictions are”.

WBA Didn’t Guess Yet

This Week’s Comments

AM:  “Take 2! After being distracted by the organiser last night, a deliberate tactic to help is old man out in our ‘head to head’. ”
He didn’t need any help this last week – you were crap!

JE: “Going against my own team. Can only work in my favour as we will actually win 1-0. Youheard it here first. Lol. Conviction!”
LJ is a big Liverpool fan and he’s picking MU.  Worst fans ever I tell you.
I think the theory for LJ is that if MU win he’s happy because of the pick… if the Reds score he’s happy.   No, it’s more that if his team loses he an say at least he got a pick right (he needs all the help he can get).   I didn’t pick the Moose against Arsenal but I might still change my mind – though any team with Mariappa is not as strong as it should be.

AB: ” International Women’s Day falls every year on 8 March.
BBC Sport covered this in an article “The story of women’s football in 10 objects”: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-43139535
And despite this we have an idiot managing the England Women’s team?  I’m not suggesting the manager has to be a woman (nor would I suggest that a woman couldn’t manage a men’s team) but it should at least be someone who actually respects their players!

KMFE: “Sick as hell edition, so apologies if they make no sense…”
We all hope you feel better!  Citeh needs their #1 fan or they won’t try as hard.

Quick Summary

Arsenal vs Watford 
First time in a while the Arse can win two games in a row.  They won’t.

Bournemouth vs Tottenham Hotspur
Spurs lost to the “dark arts” of Juventus in the week.  The Cherries aren’t Juventus.

Chelsea vs Crystal Palace
Hazard shows up about 1 in 10 games.  This is game 30.

Everton vs Brighton & Hove Albion
A point will help these two stay up.  A gentlemen’s agreement to not lose?

Huddersfield Town vs Swansea City

Manchester United vs Liverpool
I wouldn’t trade Salah for Sanchez or Firmino for Lukaku or Mane for Martial or a Virgil for a Phil Jones etc.  I would give them Lovren and Jordan for free.

Newcastle United vs Southampton
Home team wins.

Stoke City vs Manchester City
Home team loses.

West Bromwich Albion vs Leicester City
Pardew is great at coaxing meaningless performances out of a team.  This is one of them.

West Ham United vs Burnley
Could be 0-0.  No really, it could be 0-0.  I coined a toss and don’t remember if it was 1-0 or 0-1.