Week 12 – Picks

This weeks current set of picks (subject to change and additions as we get late entries).  [Edit: Updated with just one outstanding picker], finally.  LS doing well!].

Still waiting for some people.

The Bus is Late

Just a short post this week.  I’ve often thought that Harry the Hornet was one of the best mascots in the world.

Water Hose!

But this week I found a couple of better non-football related mascots worth watching.  The first is a Chicago minor league mascot.

The second is Benny the Bull who has a massive series of fantastic videos.  He retired a couple of years ago.


KMFE:  “C’mon City!!! #bluemoonrising”
ME: “I think Man Pretty will beat United… another close game.”
No comment.  Trying to reduce an often inferred bias: it has been said that I unfairly treat Manchester United by pointing out how annoying they are.

ME: “Spuds will need a bit of luck to beat the parked bus of Palace and may want to buy Zaha after the game. Going to be nail biting.”
What’s going on with Arry?  Isn’t he good enough?

BE: “I did my predictions after BE to ensure no cheating… lol”
Mr Funny man!

Week 11 – Picks

So we’re waiting on JE (as per usual) and LS.. luckily Paul Merson was around to provide KMFE her picks as she tries to come up with a new methodology.

Time is Counting Down

Here are the predictions that some of us (or Paul Merson) have made and the lucky guesses that ME put forward.

This weeks Comments

It’s hard to know how some of the games might go as many of the players were out trick or treating earlier in the week.

Looks Rude! But He’s Just Drinking

KMFE: “Using Paul Merson’s picks this week as a test (William Hill, you haven’t helped me!)… Hoping they’re not too coke-addled and drunken…”
I actually tracked Paul Merson a couple of years ago as SuperComputer 2.  He was better than Mark Lawrenson but he also forgot to pick mid-week games.

BE:  “If ME does well again this week, I think I will have to start copying his predictions this year!”
They’re guesses not predictions.  You’re a second half player….. and he’s like Spurs….shows promise but never wins in the end.

ME:  “Newcastle are really struggling and your Moosemen should dispose of them.”
You can’t lose every home game and it’s about time but I hope you’re right.  It’s nice to be in the top half of the table.

ME: “West Ham are rubbish but so are Burnley… I think I will choose the home team.”
You stole my go to analysis!

ME: “Fulham are struggling as are Huddersfield..expect both to go down…but Fulham really are pretty dire and will probably lose this one…of course I could be wrong or right…who knows!!”

BE wants to copy this?

AB’s Trivia Corner
This week AB provided another piece of strange football trivia:

In 1992, Stig Inge Bjornebye signed with Liverpool with a clause forbidding being within 200 meters of a ski slope. Seems somewhat harsh on a Norwegian.  Not only was Bjornebye a keen skier, but also had followed his dad’s passion for ski jumping. His father, Jo Inge, was an Olympic ski jumper for Norway.


I’m forgoing analysis this week to instead show you what some of the players were dressed as for this Halloween week.

Hugo decided that if he couldn’t drive while drinking he would direct traffic while being a drink.

Beer Lloris

Rooney doesn’t play in England anymore and definitely not for England but that didn’t stop him going in his England cap costume.


Shaqiri went to his party as the great british comedian Loads-a-money Stavros.

Shaqiri Not Trying Hard As Harry Enfield

Anyone seen Adam Lallana?

Where is Adam Lallana

And while most teams don’t pay most of their staff a livable wage  (you can sign the petition). Sanchez wanted to go as someone “made of money”…

Mr Made of Money

KDB went in this rather amusing gown ..

I have a BUM… (knee)

Some players just didn’t want to participate.

Pogba Pride

But the winner of the best costume had to be John Terry

Where’s Yer Missus?

That’s all we have time for.

Week 10 – Picks

Here are this weeks picks.  I thought it would end up being more difficult than it has ended up being so far.

ME is currently winning as he has an exact, a difference, a draw, wins but NOTHING wrong.

Despite this great performance, prognosticator of the week goes to AM who predicted that Watford a.k.a. the “mighty meese” would thump the opposition 3-0!  Well done.

Guesses (subject to change)Some key comments:

“I have Spurs for a win but I think my head didn’t have much to do with this decision; I expect to be the only Spurs picker.”

“Unfortunately, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U could all win..”
With you on four of those.

“I am supporting your Moosemen this week hoping they are over their little blip.”
Not like AM though!

“Enjoy the wedding.”
You were asked about.  I lied and said you looked and were well 🙂

BB:  “I do like the fact I couldn’t put Chelsea down to score 40. Nice.”
I can change that if you really think that’s going to be the score 🙂  I should put checks in to stop people having Spuds score more goals than Citeh!

JE:  “I should have had those three ribs. Food on the plane was horrendous.”
How can a chicken sandwich with no chicken be bad?  It’s just bread.

KMFE: “Dear Arsenal, Figure out what to do with Danny Welbeck. He’s still pretty good.”
Perhaps Citeh will buy him!  He needs to move to a team to play.. He’s better than a bench-warmer.  I’d trade Andre Grey and/or Deeney for him.

Week 9 – Picks

Apologies for the lack of additional analysis on the games this week. I chose pizza and beer over intellectualizing.


Results so Far (up to and not including Liverpool leading 1-0 at Huddersfield at half-time)

Week 8 – Picks

Bit of a fubar this week as I put the games to be played on 10/5 and forgot to check for Friday games.  I had become complacent as we had settled into a regular weekend schedule.

Results have been defaulted to 0-0 for AA.


Not much to say this week except that one person (shall remain nameless) picked Watford to win at home against Bournemouth and then shamelessly re-entered picks to change it to a draw.

There was also a pick that came in very late for the Brighton vs West Ham came that is under investigation for suspicious picking!  The commissioner will be looking into this!

Sorry for the mess.  I will be posting entry forms for next week tomorrow.

Week 7 – Results

This week’s theme is never give up.

Here’s how the table look at the end of the day Saturday.

Looking Up
Time to Get Better Results

Here’s how the table shifted as the final two games came home and the bottom dwellers moved above mid-table.

Looking Up and Down

NEVER give up.

Here’s where the current aggregate rankings are.


Week 7 – Picks

Here are the weeks.  Just one left to pick – see if you can guess who!

Tough Guesses This Week

This Weeks Comments

AM: No time for idle chat this week. Ryder Cup looming so gotta get to bed, up early – first tee time UK time is 07:10. Go Europe. 🙂
Looks like Europe got up late on the first day.  Here’s hoping it’s a friendly affair as I’m a bit tired of it ending up like a Duncan Ferguson era Merseyside derby.

BB: “I did enjoy the look that Mourinho gave Pogba at the training ground. I think that there may be a little bit of resentment setting in with regard to their relationship. ”
I know you like to rewrite song lyrics so here we go trying with Never Tear Us Apart (INXS):

“Don’t ask Jose
What you know is true
Don’t have to tell you
I drop you as vice-captain
I was managing
You were there
Two egos collided
And our looks could tear us apart”


Pretty crappy effort.

ME: I can’t find Spuds v Watford in the fixtures!😊
Well since our 2nd team lost to your 1st and 1/2 team in the Milk Cup we won’t be meeting again in that competition.

ME: Spuds must show a really positive attitude and get a good result! Please….
Getting desperate.. where are your team playing their next game? Milton Keynes again?

KMFE: Trying an experiment this week picking with odds quoted by the newly-legal sports books in NJ and other states… Let’s see how right they are…
Not a bad strategy.  Betwin.com finished quite well last year as I tracked them week over week!  Good luck – if it works you could automate this!

For those that don’t know when we were in NY we saw loads of these posters as they just made gambling on sports legal in the USA (kind of).

Click Link For More information

AA: Insert witty, informed-sounding comment about strikers and loaned players, criticism of managers and tut tuts about that one player who can’t seem to keep from falling apart at exactly the wrong moment. Followed up by slightly off-colour inside joke

Looks like Aaron Ramsey’s contract renewal has hit a snag and he may go on a free transfer at the end of the year.  He could go on loan like Wilshere last year in order to gain regular first team injuries as Unai Emery doesn’t seem to understand he’s the critical link man.    In other news, Chelsea released their tactics recently not realizing that they have an infinite loop.


Infinite Loop

And I think I’ve discovered what’s wrong with Sanchez!

The inspiration for this is the following amusing video….not quite Fenton but not bad.

The following is how long I spent making my picks this week:

Week 6 – Results

Well, I got some late entries from JE and LS to make this another week of complete picks.  The full selections:

Final Selections

It seems that the extra time to prepare gave JE too much time to second-guess and finish a fairly low 8th; however, Mr LS too full advantage of the time and finished top for the week. This was an incredible 10 place jump from last week!

I don’t know how he convinced the linesman to fall asleep for Arsenal’s second and exact-points scoring goal but it worked.  I feel cheated!

Weekly Winners

It was a better week for AM in his quest for a repeat over ME with a jump of 8 places.


The arbitrary table of points.  I might give more points for 7th and below to help some of you out.

Season so far

When you watch the EPLthis week I want you realize how lucky we are to see high quality football rather than what is played in other parts of the world.

I do appreciate everyone sending them in as it makes this interesting for me.

Note:  Looks like Watford’s 2nd string lost to Spuds 1st and a 1/2 team on penalties in the Milk Cup.

Week 6 – Picks

This week will be a short post because I didn’t spend the necessary hours preparing and researching.

We’re still missing entries from JE and LS (except he said 0-0s across the board so technically he can’t be late).

Isn’t it time I was hired again?

Of course, there are other things that are also late!  The construction is going as well as Pellegrini’s attempt to build West Ham into a meaningful team.

It’s going well – click image to see.

This weeks picks picks as of now:


For those wondering, SC1 and SC2 are secret algorithms that I’m modifying year over year.  I can tell you that this year, SC2 is leading the way overall.  Pretty soon I will set it loose on one of the gambling houses that sponsor one of the EPL teams.. profit and retire!

Seriously. This doesn’t worry anyone?

This Weeks Factoid
I don’t have a factoid submitted this week so I thought I’d ask a trivia question.

Which current premier league goalkeeper has jumped higher than the crossbar?

This Weeks Comments

AM:”Get my predictions done early. Off on another golfing jaunt – Devon this time & if I leave this until I am in company with that crowd, the job will NEVER get done. This weeks matches seem to be a pretty straight forward lot to predict, so there you have them! 😉 What can possibly go wrong!? Stop press: One late change – BHA 1-0 win over Spurs to a 1-1 draw, that means it will probably end in a Spurs win!! :-(“

Bringing in the whole comment here so I can do some psycho-analysis and translation:

  1. Going to drink so much in Devon that I might pick Southampton over Liverpool so better do them now!
  2. I’m super over-confident like Mourinho
  3. I want to defeat ME and I want his team to suffer a loss so that I will complete the perfect trifecta this week!  (Golf, Beer, and ME humiliation)

BB: “Man City looked pants without Kevin DB”
KMFE agrees!  Citeh without Kevin is like the rainy city center without bucket-hat wearing scallies and wags taking drugs at a Madchester rave and getting into a fight.  In other words, grim.

BB: “BTW – Ibrahimovic – what a great 500th goal.”
Totally missed that – so thanks:

Think Messi’s 500th for Barcelona was a better goal:


ME: “Chris Hughton will offer Spuds a lifeline this week… another loss will be disastrous!”
Looking for that potato chicken alumni help?  It has come to this for Spuds fans?

ME: “Arsenal may have turned a corner… at least I hope so!”
Has BE hacked this account?  Or entered picks as you given that there is little hack prevention currently employed 🙂

And give away my advantage?  I don’t think so!  Anyway, I reserve the rights to change my guesses before the games and I’m very much undecided on whether the hornet moosemen can beat Fulham away – have this feeling that Mitrovic will bang in a brace.

Week 5 – Results

This week was the week that the hornets failed to win.  It’s on occasions like these where I try to pick against the home team which is something I learned from LJ.

  • If Watford win I don’t care about my iotj pick being wrong.
  • If Watford lose then at least I get an iotj pick correct.  Hopefully, exact.

This weeks results:

Weekly Leaders

Looks like this was the week that the leader, AM, took a bit of a tumble dropping a whopping 7 places from last week.  KMFE is consistent (at least?).

Overall Tables
Arbitrary Points System – League Table

Don’t forget the picks this week!